At all Nenagh Masses this weekend: Trócaire Emergency Appeal for East Africa


A terrible hunger crisis is raging across East Africa, driven by escalating climate change, conflict, swarms of desert locusts, and Covid. Over 30 million children, women, and men are being pushed into starvation. People and their livestock are dying. Without emergency food and aid, many more won’t survive. Lives depend on our ability to reach them.

South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the state of South Kordofan in Sudan especially are being brought to their knees by sparse and delayed average rainfalls which are the result of climate change. A grim third wave of Covid and regional conflict are making matters worse.

The very young, very old, and nursing mothers are so vulnerable. Babies. Children. Women. Men. And tiny infants whose mothers were killed in outbreaks of appalling violence. Yet with your help it is not too late to reduce tragic loss of life and ease suffering.

The Irish Bishops Conference has agreed for an emergency collection to take place in all parishes on 6th and 7th November 2021. Your parish’s emergency collection will support Trócaire’s work in the countries of East Africa and in nearby countries similarly affected, and rush urgent food, water, and lifesaving aid to people who desperately need your love now. Please help if you can.

Trócaire staff and partners are on the ground in the worst-hit regions: the countries of South Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia, and the state of South Kordofan in Sudan. We are rushing emergency food and aid into devastated communities to keep people alive, and working with tireless local church groups to do all we can.

We must respond, and every cent makes a massive difference. But the human suffering is enormous. The support you show will be there beside Trócaire in the weeks and months to come by helping deliver emergency food baskets to desperate families, provide schools and communities with safe water, fund drought-tolerant seeds plus hay and medicine so farmers can save their livestock and have hope of a harvest, and equip stretched health centres to treat tragic levels of malnutrition.

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