Donations and Collections

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things related to the financial well-being of Nenagh Parish. On this page you can learn about the financial demands that face the parish on a daily basis. You can find out ways to make a financial contribution – large or small – to help with the day-to-day running costs associated with parish life.

Tap to Donate

We are  working with PAYZONE to launch a new initiative called Tap to Donate. Parishioner’s and visitors to St Mary of the Rosary can tap their bank cards on specially commissioned payment machines to donate €5 to the Parish. At present, for technical reasons, this is the lowest limit available. We are hoping to introduce a €2 machine but this is not yet available. This is a new and novel initiative which recognises the fact that tapping has now overtaken cash as the public’s preferred payment method. Tap to Donate will also be available on the Parish website. If it suits better to tap fortnightly until both value machines are installed then that is of course most welcome too.

Tax Back

 The tax back scheme for eligible charities is a refund in respect of tax you have already paid and remains with Revenue if not claimed by a charity on your behalf. By completing the necessary form, Nenagh Parish as an eligible charity, can claim this tax. To qualify, you must have donated over €250 to the Parish. To obtain a supply of envelopes or join the tax back scheme, please contact the parish office. By participating in this scheme, you are continuing to support Nenagh Parish through the parish weekly envelope, Priest Collection, other special collections, which are provided in your yearly pack. We assure you that there is no upper or lower limit to your expected contribution. Anything you contribute is greatly appreciated and helps with the running costs of your wonderful Parish.

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