Pastoral Area

The 58 parishes of the Diocese of Killaloe are divided into 15 Pastoral Areas, stretching in an easterly direction from Loop Head Peninsula to the heart of the Irish midlands.

What is a Pastoral Area?

A Pastoral Area is a collection of parishes grouped together to work in a way that each one is supported in its efforts to ensure that they will continue to exist as vibrant communities of faith into the future. Such inter-parish co-operation in our diocese is largely mission-centred rather than purely administrative, however, there is an acceptance that the declining number of priest is lending a sense of urgency to this development.

In what Pastoral Area is Nenagh Parish situated?

We are located in the Ódhrán Pastoral Area. We join our friends in Portroe, Puckane, Silvermines, Templederry and Youghalarra in this group. The area is home to eight Priests, two of whom are semi-retired. They are Rexon Chullickal, Michael Geraghty, Des Hillery, Ger Jones, Willie McCormack, Brendan Moloney with Seamus Gardiner and Tim O’Brien (both semi-retired).

What is a Vicar Forane?

The Vicar Forane is a priest who has been placed in charge of a Pastoral Area consisting of a number of adjacent parishes or of a large parish with a number of distinct areas. The Vicar Forane of the Ódhrán Pastoral Area is Fr Des Hillery of Nenagh Parish. In this role, Fr Des promotes and co-ordinates common pastoral action across the area. He organises meetings of the clergy on a regular basis. He ensures ongoing pulpit exchanges at weekends throughout the year. He arranges cover for priests within the Pastoral Area in cases of unforeseen absence. He is the cluster contact person for the Bishop, the Diocesan Office and the Diocesan Pastoral Team.

(Photo Credit: Nenagh Live)

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