Pastoral Council

What is a Pastoral Council?

A Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body of the faithful, representative of the whole parish community, willing to work in close partnership with the priest(s) of the parish to further the mission of Christ and his Church in this corner of the Lord’s vineyard that is our parish. The PPC shares the responsibility for building the parish into a vibrant Christian community that promotes the Gospel values of love, justice and peace. Promoting the prayer life and faith life of the parish.

What are the key areas of concern for a Pastoral Council?

Adult religious formation and the promotion of Scripture.

Support for family life.

Liturgy (though a separate group may be established to deal with this).

Ongoing skills training and formation for those on the PPC and others in the parish.

Care of people – the poor, elderly, youth, disabled, those who live alone, etc. At least one member of the PPC should be responsible for youth ministry in the parish and be in regular contact with the Diocesan Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

Reaching out to the alienated and newcomers in the parish.

Working to improve communication throughout the parish especially through the medium of a good, informative, and attractively produced parish newsletter.

Dealing with social issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, housing, homelessness, etc., which affect the life of the parish.

Developing appropriate parish policies regarding such issues as the times and number of Masses and the celebration of other sacraments and liturgical celebrations.

Building up good relationships with other PPCs in the pastoral area and the diocese.

Care of the sick, those in hospital, and the dying.

What does the Parish Pastoral Council not do?

  1. Issue decrees or statutes that the parish priest must either sign or veto.
  2. Serve as a grievance-airing forum – it is not the place for different groups and individuals scoring points off each other and manipulating parish policy. Neither should it be the priest’s primary vehicle for taking the pulse of the parish.
  3. Act as a board of directors of a non-profit making organisation with the parishioners as the principal shareholders.
  4. Act as a democratically elected governing body because the Church is not a democracy but a hierarchical communion.
  5. Act as a talking-shop complying with the letter of the law and the wishes of the bishop.

Who are the members of Nenagh Parish Pastoral Council?

Toni Brophy

Fr Rexon Chullickal

Martina Coffey

David Collins

Fr Michael Geraghty

Fr Pat Gilbert

Margaret Grace (Secretary)

Betty Keith

Marie Murphy

Dr Conor Reidy (Chairperson)

Aidan Ryan

Angela Toohey

Parish Pastoral Council Meetings

The Parish Pastoral Council meets once a month between September and June. For the duration of the pandemic we continue to hold virtual meetings.

Get in Touch

Contact us by mail at Nenagh Pastoral Council | Parish Office | The Presbytery | Church Road | Nenagh | Co Tipperary

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