Nenagh Parish launches new website!

This weekend Nenagh Parish launches our brand new website. Following a lengthy review of the existing site it was decided that the parish requires an online presence that reflects the needs of the community in the twenty-first century. For the first time, the construction and management of has been taken fully “in-house” using the skills and talents of Parish Office staff and volunteers. While the site will retain some of the features of it’s predecessor – such as RIP notices, Mass Readings and a route to the St Mary of the Rosary webcam – there are some new and exciting developments. The News page will now be updated on a daily basis and is designed to become a key hub in the parish’s communication strategy. The Sacraments page will have sub-sections dedicated to Communion for the First Time and Confirmation – these will become information portals for children, their parents and the relevant schools each year. For the first time, the site will include a Pastoral Area page, reflecting Nenagh Parish’s place in the Ódhrán Pastoral Area. Speaking this weekend, Parish Priest, Fr Des Hillery stressed the value of the new site. “If this year has taught us anything”, he pointed out, “it is that we in the church need to maximise every potential line of communication we possibly can, and this includes our website. Our new website will make use of many forms of technical wizardry including video and audio uploads, galleries, secure donation facilities, a window to our parish shop.” Fr Hillery is keen to stress that the website does not replace traditional forms of engagement. “Technology will never replace the joy of face-to-face, person-to-person contact. We in Nenagh Parish see our newly-developed website as a new and extended form of outreach. I am told by our Parish Website Team that they are only getting started!”

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