Return to Worship in Person

In line with the latest change in government guidelines, we are delighted to confirm that Mass will resume in the presence of congregations from 8am this coming Tuesday, 1 December in Nenagh. The schedule will be as follows;

Monday-Friday 8am, 11am (St Mary of the Rosary)

Saturday 10am, 6.15pm (St Mary’s), 7.30pm (St John the Baptist)

Sunday 8am, 10am, 12 noon, 6pm (St Mary’s) 10.30am (St John’s)

In the coming days we will re-publish our COVID-19 Return to Worship guidelines. The wonderful Nenagh Parish Volunteer Steward and Sanitiser Team will be back in action from Tuesday morning. We ask you all to remember that there will be an upper limit of 50 people permitted in each congregation. It will be necessary, therefore, to please cooperate with the advice of the Stewards. In the interest of public safety, they will not be in a position to admit more than this number to attend each Mass.

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