The decision to fell trees in the grounds of St. Mary of the Rosary located along the road opposite St. Mary’s Convent Primary School is based on health and safety guidance. These trees are located along a footpath, public road and opposite a Primary School where young children and members of their family congregate. The trees were assessed and found to be in a dangerous condition needing immediate attention. During the two storms last autumn 2020 (Ellen August 19th & Francis August 25th) it became apparent that action was needed. Since then preparations have been put in place to rectify the situation. The plan is to fell the existing trees and replant with trees suitable to an urban environment. These trees will be planted in March / April of this year and will be varieties that will not grow to a dangerous height.

In the last few years a number of trees have been planted in the grounds of St. Mary of the Rosary, namely six Mountain Ash were planted during the Parish Mission 2018. Additionally, to commemorate Nenagh 800 an Irish Oak along with eight fruit trees were planted during 2020. The type of tree to be planted replacing the ones felled has yet to be decided as we await advice and availability.

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