Synodal Pathway: Irish Synthesis Document Published

The Synthesis of the Consultation in Ireland for the Diocesan Stage of the Universal Synod 2021-2023 has been forwarded to the General Secretariat of the Synod, in Rome, and published by the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The 29-page document is the result of Synodal Pathway conversations at Parish, Diocesan, and national level, among the faithful in Ireland, on the future of our global church.

During the past year, the Nenagh Parish Pastoral Council invited all parishioners to contribute their thoughts and responses in person or to a dedicated online questionnaire. The level of the response was encouraging as parishioners took the opportunity to voice their opinions on pressing matters such as inclusivity and mission.

The responses from Nenagh Parish were collated and sent to the Synodal Pathway team at Diocesan level in Ennis. The Nenagh report fed into a Diocesan report, which was in turn taken to national level.

That national report, published this week, can be accessed here.

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