Announcement at Masses weekend of 9th / 10th January

  1. New restrictions announced by government during the week asking that we keep our social contact to a minimum
  2. In response to this announcement
    1. Distribution of Holy Communion is discontinued
    1. Moring Prayer each weekday is discontinued
    1. The Parish Office is closed to the public. Please contact the Parish via telephone 067 31272 or Parish mobile 087 2405762 or email (
    1. If you wish to book a Mass, request an Anniversary Mass or make a booking for a Baptism / Wedding please contact the Parish Office via telephone (067 31272) or email (
  3. Both churches in the parish will be open during the day except during time of ceremonies. 
    1. St. Mary of the Rosary church open from 8.45am to 4.45pm
    1. St. John the Baptist church open through the day.
  4. An interim schedule will be in operation which is on the Parish Website and posted at entrances to the churches.
  5. In addition to our Mass schedule and the weekday Holy Hour we are offering a short moment of prayer titled ‘Food for Thought’ @ 1pm Monday to Friday. This is mainly focused on the theme currently being explored by 6th class pupils using the ‘Grow in Love’ programme of catechetics.
  6. The Parish newsletter will continue to be available at the entrances to our churches and on the parish website.
  7. To facilitate the ongoing financial support from people there are secure boxes at the entrance to both churches. We cannot over emphasise our gratitude to each person who contributes to the running of the parish and the welfare of us priests. Your kindness is very much appreciated.  

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