Schedule January 2021

Please join us via the Parish Radio (106.2FM) and/or the Parish Webcam. Please note that due to current restrictions no congregations are allowed during ceremonies.

St. Mary of the Rosary

(Open from 8.45am to 4.45pm except during Ceremonies)

Monday to Friday

Mass @ 8am and 11am (No Congregation Allowed)

‘Food for Thought’ 1pm (No Congregation Allowed)

Holy Hour @ 5pm (No Congregation Allowed)


Mass @ 10am & 6.15pm (No Congregation Allowed)


Mass @ 8am, 12noon and 6pm (No Congregation Allowed)

St. John the Baptist church

St. John the Baptist church will be open Monday to Friday during the day


Mass @ 10.30am (No Congregation Allowed)

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